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Comment on "Objective-C, Ruby and Python for Cocoa"
by victor — Feb 21
With all this hype about scripting languages and Cocoa, I thought I would also post an English translation of some exercises I'm doing in public in order to learn RubyCocoa. They're from Hillegass' book, so if you're familiar with them (and being a reader of Theocacao, I guess most of you are) you'll be able to see how Ruby compares to Objective-C.
I also plan to use C#, so if you come from the dark side you'll also find something familiar to relate to.

I don't have access to XCode 3 and Objective-C 2.0, so that's my only way of seeing how garbage collection feels with Cocoa.

Scott, if you dislike this blatant self promotion, feel free to autorelease this comment ;)
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