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Comment on "Complexity is Too Expensive"
by Gabriel — Mar 10
I have to agree that you can't judge an OS just on what one person likes. I like GNU/Linux personally, macs just irritate me (but I am sure I could get used to one). Of course, I wouldn't push that on anyone. I did, however, tell my wife for her next computer, I would rather she use Linux or Mac OS. Unfortunately, my jaw dropped when i realized it would take 2 grand to get a 15 inch laptop. Sigh. If apple isn't going to release Mac os so that any PC user could buy and install it, I wish they would offer equivalent classes of machines (i.e, towers under 1000, 15 inch laptops from 600 to 2500, etc).

Now, on to what I have to say about linux. Note the use of GNU/Linux. i am not so normally pedantic about the name, but lets look at the MACH(derivative at least)/MAC system. It is a standard kernel not developed by apple, that is running an apple built gui (and other stuff, of course) on top. First of all, Linux is not arcane. It is not really much harder to use than windows or mac, the differences now are really much more subtle. Second, Linux can be what you want. Linux is an operating system. X11 is a gui, which by the way, is not the only gui that can run on linux (See some of the gui's used on PDA's. Even X11 can be tuned and extended, look at AIGLX (forget the XGL hack, AIGLX is much better). This is a 3d desktop that in about a year, does most of what the vista desktop does. (Of course, I am including projects such as beryl or compiz which actually provide the UI elements themselves). So, there is nothing stopping "linux" distros from developing and becoming advanced guis as good as or better than macs, particularly if enough people and companies are on board to do more development. Finally, regarding drivers, it is not linux's fault overall (Perhaps a MORE flexible driver api would help a little bit, but its pretty easy to develop them). If more people use linux, you will see, well, just about everything supported on linux.

My verdict, let linux grow, let mac grow (but I hope they do open up at least a little, i don't want the next microsoft that is also tied in as hardware vendor, shudder). Let no one have a monopoly. Besides, mac OS 11 or 12 might actually get built on linux (it can be done, same thing that was done with MACH/DARWIN)
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