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Comment on "Complexity is Too Expensive"
by Stripes — Mar 11

Yes Apple has an inexpensive Mac (Mac mini), and Macs that are price competitive with Dells desktops (Mac Pro), and even Macs that are price competitive with high end PC Laptops (MacBook Pro).

The MacBook (non-Pro) is very likely even price competitive with something in the PC market.

What Apple doesn't have is something that competes in the non-high-end 15" PC laptop market. Want a 15" laptop Mac? Then it's a MacBook Pro. Want a 15" laptop Mac but don't need (or can't afford) fast CPU, an expansion slot, and a "non-integrated" GPU? Too bad, it's still a MacBook Pro for you.

The current Mac lineup has every Mac price competitive with some roughly equivalent segment of the PC market...but that doesn't mean there is a Mac that competes in _every_ segment of the market.
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