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Comment on "Complexity is Too Expensive"
by coolfactor — Mar 11
@ Stripes

I agree. Apple doesn't compete in every segment. But where they do compete, they excel, in my opinion. They keep their product simple and streamlined. Sometimes too much choice isn't a time- (or money-) saver for people.

On topic, here in my town, I've been amazed at the changing trend towards people purchasing Macs. Quite different from just one year ago, but now I'm surrounded by people talking about and purchasing Macs.

I agree with the author... our lives are getting busier and more complex, and we need computers that just get the job done without making more work for ourselves. Some still enjoy the feeling of being in complete control of their computer. When I was younger, I used to spend hours, literally, searching Apple's FTP server for new tricks for my OS 7 Mac. Those were the days! Today, Software Update keeps my Mac updated and I spend not even a minute searching for tweaks for my system. Apple does that for me.

As the sole tech support person for a local ISP, I assist over a hundred customers, 95% of which use Windows, and I manage a dozen Linux boxes. My Mac (and the Linux boxes) gets 1% of my time for maintenance while I spend 99% of my time addressing helping others keep their computers running correctly. I do it because of the people, not the computers.
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