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Comment on "Simple Truths About Cross-Platform Apps"
by Ben — Mar 21
A great browser, but Safari is far more popular on the Mac because it's designed for a Mac user.

Isn't that like saying Internet is more popular on Windows PC because it's designed for a Windows user? It's the installed browser and if people are just going to "surf the web", they don't need much more. I think a more logical explanation is that Safari is more popular because it's included with the operating system and is "good enough" for most users.

To really understand if cross platform apps like Firefox are being accepted, you need to understand the percentage of users on each platform are using that app. Unfortunately I can't find many stats broken down by platform, but Mac360 did an analysis of it's visitors 2 years ago and found that 20% of it's readers were using Firefox. Since it's a Mac site, you can safely assume that the majority of the users are running Macs.
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