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Comment on "Simple Truths About Cross-Platform Apps"
by Scott Stevenson — Mar 21
@Ben: I think a more logical explanation is that Safari is more popular because it's included with the operating system and is "good enough" for most users
I think Safari would probably still win, but I agree it's an imperfect example. It was just a covenient one to explain the point. I also think the fact that Camino exists as it does supports the premise. I was tempted to compare GIMP and Photoshop, but that's tricky for different reasons.

@leeg: GNUstep. That is all.
I'm aware of GNUstep (I actually designed the site), but it's not what most people think. It has a common ancestor with Cocoa, and it picked up some of the newer classes, but they're nowhere near interchangeable. Not to mention a Mac app is defined by much more than just AppKit, Foundation and Core Data.

@David Cairns: That said, they do tend to catch on on Linux and Windows. I am willing to bet this is due to the fact that the Windows and Linux GUI shells are nearly identical.
I think there's a lot to be said for that, and maybe some folks are thinking that, by extension, if you just swap in the appropriate widgets you have an app Mac users will like. It's just not true.
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