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Comment on "Simple Truths About Cross-Platform Apps"
by Ron McElfresh — Mar 21
I thought it worthwhile to check the stats from the past two weeks of Google Analytics on Mac360 regarding Firefox Mac vs. Firefox Windows.

At a high level, just under 50-percent of all browser visits to the site use Safari (all Mac users, of course), just over 26% use Firefox (Mac and Windows), and 18% use MSIE (Windows only).

At a more granular level, about 40% of all Firefox visitors to the site are on a Mac. The rest of the Firefox users are purely on Windows PCs. We presume that many of the PC using visitors are "captive" Mac users. Mac users by night (home), MSIE users by day (at work). From this, it's a bit difficult to determine from our numbers whether Mac users truly don't like using a cross-platform application that is not "Mac like" as is the case with Firefox, however, the stats favor a Mac experience such as Safari.

Camino comes in with a healthy 3% of browser usage, though the more Windows-like Opera is barely 1%.
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