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Comment on "Simple Truths About Cross-Platform Apps"
by delta — Mar 22
My impression is you mix here different stuff. You can not compare Safari with freeware programmers Firefox.

Compare SPSS, Kaleidagraph, Inspiration as example with the counterparts on the Window side.

There is no question that for OS X at the moment no high end IDE is available - I mean something which cost at least 15'000 USD. Xcode is OK but not for large applications.

Filemaker is as popular at the Windows front like on the Mac. The market share increased year by year at least with 30 %.

A browser is compared with Photoshop a very small project. I wait at the moment when XCode is as stable and efficent like Powerbuilder on NeXT/Openstep.
I have every kind of app. Apple only, mixed ones, Everything.

The only thing which counts is high-end quality. That's the main reason Omnigroup is out of my list except the Outliner.
Aabel stats on the other side I wish to see at the Windows front. It's a very remarkable piece of software.
High end pricing is one of the reason to drop Filemaker for Openbase/Frontbase/Sybase.
Cheap software is a waste of time and energy.
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