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Comment on "Mac OS X is Six Years Old Today"
by Preston Sumner — Mar 24
Calling Mac OS X the basis for the look of Web 2.0 is a stretch IMHO.

I don't believe so at all. The clean look of today's "Web 2.0" sites is reminiscent of the clean approach we've seen in OS X for the last half-decade. As Scott mention, it's the rounded rects, the two-tone highlights, the focus on typography, etc.

Let's face it, Mac OS X is still the NeXTStep OS with a facelift and a bunch of Mac libraries and frameworks ported to it. There's a lot of Mac OS stuff running on top of it, like Carbon, etc. but the OS itself and the core frameworks are NeXTStep.

Not entirely true; for instance, the core frameworks in OS X sit on top of the C-based CoreFoundation, unlike the original NeXTStep. OS X draws a lot from NeXTStep, but the implementations are different, and there are many new OS X-specific APIs, like Quartz, the driver framework, etc.
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