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Comment on "Mac OS X is Six Years Old Today"
by Bill Coleman — Mar 26
Yeah, some people felt that MacOS X 10.0 was really OpenStep version 6. And I can kinda see that -- there was a lot about that first release that wasn't really, uh, Mac-like.

But, really, this understates the role that the Mac UI played on the NeXT foundation. Many of the changes we saw up through Panther were related to making the MacOS X experience more like the classic MacOS.

The other interesting thing is how responsive even the latest versions of MacOS X are on vintage hardware. Tiger runs very fast on my old 400 MHz Sawtooth, even though today's machines are nearly an order of magnitude faster.

About the only thing that still bothers me about MacOS X is the use of file name extensions. The original MacOS encoded this information separately in the form of type and creator. We should go back to a system like that.
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