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Comment on "Simple Truths About Cross-Platform Apps"
by Scott Stevenson — Mar 27
@Blain: View is the opposite, the most obvious of the three, but the most fixable. Slap in a nib file, apply that aqua-y filter on the images, etc.
Wouldn't it be great if it was that easy? This is part of the puzzle, but there's really a lot to it.

What makes some of us chafe at firefox isn't the windows or scroll bars. They use standard graphics, the view.
That's true to some degree. In some cases, though, applications will use controls that look like standard Mac controls but they don't act like them. Or maybe they just look similar, rather than the same. Do they implement accessibility protocols, or what happens if the user increases the screen resolution?

The MVC design pattern is certainly a big factor, but there are a lot of implementation details that go into a good piece of software. It's not necessarily just the controllers or just the views. But of course there are things to consider in each.
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