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Comment on "Simple Truths About Cross-Platform Apps"
by Kilian — Mar 27
apps that are significant in the Windows world, they (=Mac users) do want

Adobe and almost all of their products used to be first and foremost Apple Macintosh apps, Macromedia started out as Macromind selling Director as their one an only app. Macromind Director was Mac only. (Same is actually true for Word and Excel BTW).

These apps might be the big mainstream apps on Windows now as well, but that is irrelevant for their wide acceptance with Mac users. Adobe apps are relevant to Mac users, because almost all of the pros using and needing Adobe apps have been on the Mac to begin with. Photoshop is THE standard in design, because of the Mac and the fact that just about all designers were on Macs. This has changed in recent years a bit, though.

Same counts for Macromedia. Multimedia was just such and utter pain in the a** do create on Windows for many years that it was mostly done on the Mac for long time. This is what established Macromedia as the default in MM. The Mac and the designers using it made those two companies big. And once these apps became quasi standards, because of their wide use by pros, then home (many of them Windows) users started pirating the software and made those apps ubiquitious. Some of those people eventually ending up buying the apps.
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