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Comment on "A Big Thanks to Panic, Inc."
by Scott Stevenson — Apr 22
There are, and have been many "indie" Mac developers, from way before it was coolspeak to call them "indies"
I used the term "indie" sort of half-jokingly because people think it's some sort of buzzword. I just think it's a term of affection.

No question there were individuals writing Mac software long before Panic came around, but the vast majority of those were hobbyist shareware developers. Very few saw it as their full-time job.

Panic had a big part in popularizing the idea of treating apps as if they were commercial software on shelves in stores. Before that, a Mac software company with multiple full-time employees, actual offices and mostly internet-based sales was essentially unheard of. In that sense, they were a model for other developers.

Even if you say this isn't completely unique in 20+ year history of the Mac, they're certainly one of the most prominent in the last decade.
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