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Comment on "New Entries for Apple Design Awards 2007"
by Kevin Perry — May 07
It has the potential to change the way we think about UI from 2d to a form of 3d that has yet to be seen.

That may be taking it a little too far if you're speaking of 3D as we normally think of it. Core Animation does indeed have the ability to create effects that appear like true 3D (like the demo at WWDC for example), but that's really not its main purpose at all.

Core Animation will allow us to stop worrying about all the work that goes into making each frame of an animation and it will do it extremely well (and efficientlly to boot). That will result in a lot more animation effects appearing in applications, some of which may give a sort of pseudo-3D look to some interfaces, versus their regular, unanimated 2D counterparts.

That's the feeling I get anyway when I play with some of the other more realistic Core Animation demo apps that I have played with.
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