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Comment on "New Entries for Apple Design Awards 2007"
by Manton Reece — May 07
Delicious Library was one of the first of the modern impulse buy applications. I rarely use it, but I did buy a license almost immediately and will buy the 2.0 as well. The more interesting thing to me with Delicious is that they managed to capture so many customers while maintaining a relatively high $40 price.

As for Cha-Ching, I love the app but think they went a little overboard with the visuals and that will hurt them in the Design Awards. There are some places where standard Aqua controls would have been more appropriate (most of the sheets), or where the gradients are a usability problem (the Reconciled label that looks like a button). Coda is beautiful, but much more restrained in its design (a good thing).
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