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Comment on "New Entries for Apple Design Awards 2007"
by hmurchison — May 07
I got DL through MacHeist along with other fine apps. I knew I would upgrade to DL2 because cataloging apps are important. If you only have 30 or so DVD then no biggie but I know people with hundreds of discs or books and they literally forget which books or discs they own and are prone to buying duplicates.

I figure DL2 will have some web features so that we can once and for all perish the thought of using DVD Profiler in Bootcamp/Parallels.

Shipley has stated something to the effect of "I know what I want to accomplish even in version 3" so we're now waiting for the second installment in this Epic Trilogy.

I'm glad he's making it Leopard only. Give me the "Wow" factor now.
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