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by Mayo — May 13
You might be able to find some sort of moded rails that could fit mid-post mount. I'm not sure how many boxes you need to fit in, but a full rack seems a waste for single 1U box (no matter how cheap or expensive you can get a rack for).

It might be worth finding a facility that has 1/2 or 1/4 racks/cabinets. It's a regular 4 post rack, but it's split into 2 or 4 with separate doors and all. Just make sure you specify that you require a full-length rack when you ask for a quote, so that you get the full 30" depth to fit the box in.

I can't help you with locating facilities as I don't know anything in the Bay area, but if you want to ship the box up to Vancouver I know several facilities, or I could even put in in my own rack :) (now wouldn't that be nice, hehehe)
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