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Comment on "Cocoa Learning Curve"
by Joe Goh — Jun 05
I'd like to add four more pieces of advice based on my personal experience learning Cocoa over the past year while writing my app.

4. Slow down. Take your time when learning new Cocoa technologies (like Core Data and Bindings), and don't get disheartened when you run into edge cases or somehow just can't get things to work for your project. Getting it done properly now will pay off in the future.

5. Don't be afraid to look around. If it seems like what you're doing is a whole load of work, take a breather and look at whether there are existing classes/frameworks/libraries that may already solve your problem.

6. When you're stuck, in doubt, or you feel like what you're doing just doesn't seem right, dive in and consult the documentation. The official documentation may be hard to navigate at times, and there seems to be way too much to read sometimes, but it all pays off in the long-run when you take the time to absorb it.

7. If you're still stuck, first search the mailing lists or Google for it. You may find that there are others out there who have hit the same problems you have. If there isn't, don't be afraid to ask on the mailing lists that Scott has mentioned.
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