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Comment on "Apple Site Redesign"
by David — Jun 11
Why do you say that? The Leopard page calls them out separately.

I should have been clearer. Yes, Apple (sort of) distinguishes between Desktop and Finder in terms of providing their own pages and movies, but to the average Mac user, these features look as though they are relating to the same thing.

Which, they are, looking at it from a users's pov, not a development team's pov. The Dock and the Desktop metaphor and launching and searching for apps are absolutely attached to the Finder workings.

Preferred: get rid of "Finder". Just have a "Desktop".


While we are at it, Leopard really needs to fix the ongoing problems with downloading and installing apps. There are huge numbers of Mac users for whom Disk Images and/or zip files are voodoo. As developers it's easy to forget, unless you do customer support, just how baffling these issues are to the average user.

Possible solution: display a Dashboard-style prompt "You are attempting to download an application. Install it in your Applications folder and launch the application?" (Adjust for grammar.)

Possible solution #2: a common Framework, ala Sparkle, for the copying of an app on a locked volume, to the Applications folder, and subsequent launching of the installed app.
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