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Comment on "A Quick Overview of Basic CoreData Concepts"
by Bagelturf — Jun 12
Terms like "object-relational mapping" and "schema" are common in database programming, along the lines of "class" and "instance variable" in object-oriented programming.

Agreed. But one of the first things out of the mouth of Core Data people is "Core data is not a database" in order to set expectations correctly. Database terminology is being used to explain something that is not a database to a person who is looking for a solution to a problem, not to become a database programmer.

A Core Data introduction aimed at database programmers should dive right in with all the jargon and concepts. That's the fastest route. But this one, like others I see, has a title that aims it at beginners: A Quick Overview of Basic CoreData Concepts. I'm not sure that such a thing is even possible because to be quick it must be brief and so will only make sense to those who already have the concepts understood. And covering only basic Core Data concepts will not be useful to those without the concepts because even if they understand them as a result of the article, the resulting knowledge will be too incomplete to use.
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