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Comment on "WWDC 2007 Day One"
by Brian Amerige — Jun 12
@ Aaron

Hmm, well, I believe we're both using different definitions of the "unified" term. While I agree that it's great that there is only one UI now (which is probably what you thought I meant by "unified"), developers who used the Mail-style UI (which is commonly referred to as "unified" as well) face a bit of a problem as well, things just look a tad awkward.

To elaborate, take something like Coda, for example. How do you think it looks when you transform the light-plastic to dark-gray that we see in 10.5? As I said, initially as I was annoyed because I thought it looked horrific --- and therefore, would make any app which is currently light-plastic as it is horrific looking as well. I'm continuing to adjust to it, but I'm interested to hear what other developers think as far as the actual aesthetics of it. Things like iTunes look great in the dark-gray, but what about Mail, and in the same way, apps like Coda?
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