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Comment on "A Quick Overview of Basic CoreData Concepts"
by Isaac Gouy — Jun 12
"better to show horizontally aligned 2d boxes encapsulating other 2d boxes"

Scott Stevenson wrote I don't think most people should need to physically twist to read anything (the brain tends to spin things for you), but perhaps there's an issue there I'm unfamiliar with.

Is the brain doing extra work to spin things? Is it harder to read text written at 45 degrees than text that's horizontal? :-)

Scott Stevenson wrote ... I feel that making it fun and interesting can sometimes actually communicate ideas in a way standard diagrams cannot.

Did I say "eye candy already"? :-)

If you're actually interested in how well those diagrams communicate ideas compared to "standard diagrams" (whatever they are),print out copies of both, hand them to people with 5 questions about the relationships between the diagram components and give them a minute to answer the questions.

(Does it mean something different when the text is on the top or on the side of a box?)
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