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Comment on "A Quick Overview of Basic CoreData Concepts"
by Scott Stevenson — Jun 12
But one of the first things out of the mouth of Core Data people is "Core data is not a database" in order to set expectations correctly
This is an unfortunate side effect of written language, which is that some words collide unintentionally. Core Data is not a database in the literal sense, but many of the concepts are brought across from SQL. The idea is to bring the benefits of a database-style design (versus raw blobs of data) while positioning things in a way that makes sense for desktop apps.

a person who is looking for a solution to a problem, not to become a database programmer
I absolutely understand what you mean. I think of it like this: the user manual that comes with a car teaches you how to use the car, not how to drive. There's room for Honda to provide a driving training course, but that's much more involved.

But this one, like others I see, has a title that aims it at beginners: A Quick Overview of Basic CoreData Concepts
I think this is useful for those who understanding something about data modelling and databases (such as Rails and WebObjects programmers), but are curious what the basic building blocks of the CoreData API hierachy is. I think there are quite a few people that fit this description.
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