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Comment on "WWDC 2007 Epilogue"
by Pete Callaway — Jun 17
It was my first WWDC too and the Cocoaheads shindig was great - thanks Scott. If there's one thing I've learned for next time, it's make sure you take a laptop to install and try pre-release stuff on while you're there.

I've only just got back to the UK, installed the Leopard pre-release and cranked up the new Xcode only to stumble at my first attempt to try some of the new UI features.

It's really frustrating because:
a) what I'm trying to do should be dead simple (a "where'd that field they showed in IB go?" kinda problem)
b) if I'd been able to try it last week, I could have sorted the problem out easily
c) I can't google for others with the same problem because every thing is under NDA.

Can anyone recommend the best way of solving my woes? I feel like I'm missing a software update for Xcode :(

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