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Comment on "Hello, Again"
by Jesper — Jul 02
Scott, in some sort of caffeine-deprived frenzy, did mention to me the other day that the people who wanted to proclaim the iPhone is not a Mac "will have to go through him first". I saw his point then and I see it now. But.

I finally have a good comeback to this. The iPhone is a Mac insofar that it runs OS X. It is decidedly *not* a Mac in that it doesn't run *Mac* OS X. No menu bar, cursor, trash can, Finder, Spotlight, System Preferences or labels. No cutting, copying, and pasting. No Exposť, no services, no Dock, not even non-forceful Quitting. And no multiple users.

The iPhone is as much a Mac as your typical Linksys or D-Link router is a Linux workstation. That is as it should be.

That's not to say the people buying iPhones aren't investing heavily in technology that flourished and grew stable in use in Mac OS X. Core Animation is one example of a technology that's identical in both OSes. But I guess what I'm saying is that while there's heritage, there isn't equivalence.
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