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Comment on "Hello, Again"
by Ben — Jul 02
@everyone who nitpicks "Mac OS X" vs. "OS X". This is a ridiculous discussion, and it would look like trolling if I didn't know you all actually are thoughtful, invested and passionate in the small community here. Nothing is in a name in this case.

Everyone here knows exactly what the software capabilities of the iPhone are relative to the software capabilities of an iMac. Everyone here also is fully apprised of what stuff these platforms share. We all know what these beasts are, if not as much as engineers on the iPhone team, at least as much as anyone outside that company. So why is it interesting to talk about what Apple might or might not sometimes call, in essentially marketing materials, the OS platform?

You don't buy an Xbox (which is built on NT) because you're investing in the Windows platform. But Microsoft gets a lot of engineering leverage out of sharing some internals, and gets strategic leverage out of getting you into a MS-centric software world.

Apple is in essentially the same position with iPhone.
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