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Comment on "Hello, Again"
by Jesper — Jul 04
Chinmoy: "After all, Mac OS X engineers were supposedly borrowed to help release the iPhone on time."

You know what? They borrowed them at the expense of the next Mac OS X version, so one would think that you'd have emphasised "Mac OS X" instead.

But I don't need to defend my opinion further - Blain (comment 4464) and Ben (comment 4465) basically between them stated what my point was.

If Scott hadn't gone out of his way to beforehand make the 'Mac' part of the operating system name a big deal, and call the iPhones 'Macs' in this post, and then getting all weirded out when a bunch of Mac developers like himself kindly describe that it's not a Mac, it is in fact an iPhone which we can't develop for; anyway, if he hadn't said that, I (along with a bunch of others) probably would never have mentioned it. But he did so I (and they) did.
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