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Comment on "Mobile Phone Buying Experience"
by Irina — Sep 06
On August 26 a representative of Tmobile ( Her name is Mayra at 796 Northridge mall in Salinas T-mobile store ph 831-443-3552) sold me three plans and three phones. One of the features promised was Europe calling plan that would allow me to call Russia for 7c per minute. I have old father in Russia and call there very frequently. When Mayra gave me paperwork I noticed that no Europe plan was mentioned. I asked her about it. She replied that i can call customer service and add it myself. i assume she forgot to add it. I asked her to add it herself as this plan is important to me. She called someone in front of me and told me that it is taken care of. When I came home I noticed that the phones had wrong numbers in the paperwork. For example mu phone samsung was supposed to be number 831-540-9851, my son's sidekick was supposed to be 831540-9850. The international plan was supposed to be for my number. I did not want to use the wrong phone to call Russia and get higher charges. I called customer support to find pout which phone out of three can call Russia for 7c per minute. The representative told me that i do not have a European plan. In fact there is no such thing at T-mobile and to call Russia will cost me $1.64. With the amount of time I spend talking to my father I would aquire enourmous charges. I felt cheated and the next day I went back to that store and returned the phones and cancelled the plans. Mayra was not there and Jesus Caiderm was helping me. He promised that I will be refunded the money I paid for the phones. He stated in writing that it will take 3 to 5 days for me to get refund. I used debit card. It has been 7 business days. No refund was made. I called customer service at Tmobile (1-800-296-1018) to follow up on my refund. Customer service representative told me that refund had to be made at the place of purchase and that the representative at the store I purchased the plans and the phones had to swipe my debit card and refund my money at the spot. He laso told me that Tmobile has nothing to do with that refund and I have to deal with the store only. What he told me is different from what Jesus told me. According to Jesus in Salinas they do not refund money, the main Tmobile does. He filled out paperwork and told me to wait 3 to 5 business days for the money to appear in my bank account.

1. I complain that the Tmobile representative sold me three plans and 3 phones promissing Europe calling plan that does not exist. If I have made phone calls to Russia I would be charged $1.64 instead pf 7 c per minute and I would get huge bill given I talk a lot with my dad, relatives and friends.

2. I complain that I can not get promised refund back as T mobile customer service tells me they do not deal with refunds and I have to get refund from the store on the spot. The store representative tells me that they do not do refunds, the main Tmobile does and I need to wait for the money appear in my bank account.

3.I was not given the headquater's number.

4. Every Tmobile representative gives conflicting information. Every store I went was like own little kingdom "fighting" with other Tmobile stores over the customers. Horrible experience with Tmobile.
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