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Comment on "Things Developers Should Know About Leopard"
by Davi — Sep 22
64-bit does one thing: it makes it possible to have a larger *memory* space than 4 GB. With 32-bit, you'd have to have a memory window that you'd move around "over" that data, loading it in as you go.

Sorry, still not clear. I'm not too familiar with Cocoa, but let me try to re-pose the question in more specific terms: are you saying that in Leopard, with adequate quantities of RAM, I could allocate an NSImage with size = 100,000 x 100,000 pixels, and then have an NSImageView show it to me? If not, are there any other new Leopard-y libraries that would be able to do such a thing?

Or would I have to implement a G5-ish "32 bit viewer of 64 bit data" pattern like you describe above?

(I'm asking this because I actually do have image data of these dimensions, and it would be very nice if there were a toolkit that could handle them.)
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