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Comment on "Things Developers Should Know About Leopard"
by Scott Andrew — Sep 26
I have to agree that the changes to XCode and Interface builder are great. It does, however take some getting used to. (Due to NDA its all i can say). But the tools are a more intuitive and are a pleasure to use.

As far as Objective C 2.0. My next product is targeting leopard and the layers are saving me a lot of work. Properties and garbage collectoin are great as well and simplify programming. My one concern with garbage collection and properties is how many abusive apps there will be at first. Ther are definately things to do and not do when it comes to properties and when to copy vs retain values.

I do think, however, the new changes to the language are a great addition. And only wish 10.4 would support them.

As far as layers. The biggest thing here, at least for me, is putting subviews ontop of OpenGL and QT layers. This is a big time saver, fast, and a great feature. It allows for easy interactive controls on view's that didn't allow subviews before. And all drawing is HW accelerated..

Apple has done a good job of modernizing a great UI. Leopard is fast, looks great, productive, and is a welcome update form 10.4
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