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Comment on "What is Cocoa?"
by Blain — Oct 03
Good luck with that. :)
I know, I know, it's got a snowball's chance. It's more a case of when I saw WWDC and silently not mention Carbon, I immediately thought, "So we're never going to see a 64-bit Mac photoshop, because Adobe will drag their feet even more?"

And while we're having fun with our core data and bindings, a bunch of enterprisy people are going to balk even more at doing work to make a good port. Actually, I have no data about this save Adobe and MSFT, but how many big-name cross-platform apps are actually done in Cocoa on the mac side?

As long as there's some sort of easy migration path for them, I'll rest easy.

I just don't think there's much demand for something like that, and it's a bunch of code to re-implement when Apple could be spending their time on new functionality. It's not clear who it would benefit.
Good point. I was about to say "For those still wanting carbon-based apps," and then realized that they'd be using it for cross-compatibility, so they couldn't use Core Data. Then I was about to say, "For the AppleScripts," but those run off a main.m as well.

That's WebCore, yes?
Treacherous domain name! Yes, WebCore. Even though the links are to
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