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Comment on "New Quartz Tutorial at Cocoa Dev Central"
by AnonymousFred — Oct 22
Why is it impossible to find a tutorial on how to write a jpg or bmp etc file from an nsview? surely this is basic bread and butter programming. I have finally got through the IB barrier, I can delegate, i can use a timer, i can draw paths with mice but i cant get to write a b****@@@@ view to file! I've been googling for 4 days now, i have "programming with quartz" in front ofg me as i write, i have "cocoa programming for os x" i have "vermont recipes", i have wall to wall bookmarks to the cocoa drawing guide and yet i still cant find a single example to get me on my way!!!!!!
And everyone is telling me how wonderfully simple it all is.


It's not as if I havn't programmed most of my life!!
I write c, perl, pascal, prolog, cobaol, algol, fortran name ive programmed it. why can't i jkjlskadjlsajdljsdlsadflkahjsjdkalj
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