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Comment on "Saving Cocoa View Contents to an Image File"
by Steve Weller — Oct 23
I have a name for this: it's the knowledgeable novices syndrome.

Ignorant novices feed fine by nibbling on the tasty morsels of code that Scott and other serve up. Ignorant experts need help with the unfamiliar utensils and spices, but are otherwise great code cooks. Knowledgeable experts make entire code meals table-side from raw reference materials in real time.

Knowledgeable novices are a challenge. They just want to make and eat a sandwich, but are having the darndest time doing it. Their knowledge is actually an encumberance, since they must unlearn what they think they know about sandwiches in order to make one the Cocoa way. There is no cutting of bread and spreading of peanut butter as they are sure there must be; just lamination, repitition, and bounding polygons applied to a couple of raw materials.
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