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Comment on "Mike Lee on Cocoa"
by Scott Stevenson — Nov 07
@Mike Lee: Especially with Leopard I see a lot of demo-design
Such as what, kind sir? And I mean Leopard, specifically.

Again, I have to point to the tree view on this
You mean tree controller, right?

Garbage collection, meet Core Graphics. Crash. Suck. Bye
I'm not convinced it's quite as dire as the release notes suggest, but yes, I understand the point.

A set is different from an array, but way more different than a string
I see where you're trying to get to, but I'm not sure this is good for Cocoa to adopt in general. The idea of adding and retrieving an object has a totally different meaning in NSDictionary than NSArray, for example. Given that those are the two most common functions in both, I'm not sure they can resonably decend from a common class.
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