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Comment on "2D Graphics and Garbage Collection in Leopard"
by Blain — Nov 09
But, but, but, I like quiche. I also can play low on C, even dabble in assembler. So there. I've been kind of avoiding getting into reading the details until I can, since my current dev system is still at 10.4

That said, GC is one of those things like KVC/KVO/bindings. They're times where KVC is a huge speed hit and a major lose, especially with unintended consequences and almost circular updates. And it might make things slower since you have to do all sorts of redirections and notifications. But it really helps in prototyping, and in many cases, there's not a real need for speed, so it works. Ever since the algorithm was explained at a Cocoaheads, I've really warmed up to the idea.
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