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Comment on "Guardian Talks iPod and Mac History"
by Chris — Nov 04
You are correct, sir. I've long been annoyed with those who think Apple's mistake Apple was not licensing the OS. This conventional wisdom was wrong in 1985, 1996, 1998, and continues to be wrong.

IMHO, Apple's biggest original mistake, aside from not handling Steve Jobs better, was overpricing the Mac. Andy Hertzfeld makes it clear that this was Sculley's decision in 1984, and it continued until he was ousted in the early 90's, by which time the total lack of design "taste" engendered by Steve's absence -- and an influx of useless middle management -- and a weak board of directors -- was making Macs appear to be marginally upscale Dells. To say nothing of the ridiculous OS situation.

(*Steve's* biggest mistake, of course, was John Sculley. Good marketing guy, worst possible CEO.)

My recollection (from reading various books) is that Steve was removed from the Lisa project because he was being perceived as a nuisance.
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