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Comment on "Alex: An Unsung Hero of Leopard"
by Kevin — Dec 22

Point taken (since I can't prove this exact sentence); it is an example of me trying to be quick and thus changing a key variable. This is the test phrase I used to use: "I just read a new book; did you read it?" My point was that the parser used to recognize tense with "read" and it no longer does. In fact, Read is, now, always read as rEEd. I don't know when the change occurred but I can say that even in OS 8, the parser would correctly guess tense on the word Read.

Note also: "Did you read the book I read" is faulty grammar if read is pronounced rEEd (because of ambiguous tense, and/or the nominative noun): it could be "did you read the book I am reading" (referencing a specific book in the present tense) or "do you read the book I read" were the book is a nominative noun. The only proper translation of "did you read the book I read" is in the past tense and thus pronounced red.

PS -- sorry about the double comment; I refreshed the page.
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