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Comment on "Deciding What Kind of App to Write"
by Kevin Foley — Dec 25
I decide what application to write by deciding if I know a subject well enough to be useful. The standard advice to young authors is to write what you know most about. The problem with this is that since most programmer's know code development, we find ourselves surrounded with editors, scripting languages, compilers, operating systems, and IDEs.

Elegant solutions to problems previously solved gives a boost to the ego. Jacob obviously appreciates and gives kudos to Allan Odgaard for his work on Textmate, but it is still yet another ...

God often blesses us with hobbies so that we are able to earn a living. Many, such as myself, a mechanical engineer, came into program development from other disciplines. This makes us the best suited to write applications for those disciplines. Crossing the boundary from all most any (a)vocation to program development allows the author to know of the possibilities of the computer platform and the needs and wants of the non-programmer.
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