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Comment on "One Thought for Two-Thousand-Eight"
by Blain — Jan 08
But Wil Shipley promised we'd all be successful, happy,
fulfilled, and drive a hot car! (Read it; it's funny, insightful, and full of win.)

Kidding aside, think of it this way: given how fast this industry changes, and technologies are replaced, it actually means it's easier to transition. Things like design patterns, algorithms, and good programming techniques are language- and computer-independent, so they'll follow you no matter where you go. Things like Core Data and Core Animation are so recent that by definition, almost everyone's new to it, not just you.

I have to admit, the "Follow your Bliss" is what prompted me to attend Cocoaheads and start on cocoa programming in general, and I keep an audio copy of the commencement speech on my iPod. I haven't quit my day job yet, but I do have a hot car. You can do it, Adam.
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