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Comment on "One Thought for Two-Thousand-Eight"
by Mark Boszko — Jan 18

Thanks for this thought, Scott--- it was really inspirational. I've found your tutorials hugely beneficial over the last couple of years--- and on this, the umpteenth time I've tried to learn Cocoa, I think it's all finally starting to click. I'm actually building the first Mac application that I've wanted to build for years. I'm so excited!

I never thought I watched all that much TV, but it turns out I did--- at least ten hours a week! However, it seems the one-two punch of dropping cable to do to iTunes/torrent downloads only, plus the timing of the writers' strike has gradually left me with little do in my free time than follow my dreams. Funny, that.

"I'm gonna go down to the basement and watch a new Daily Show," has turned slowly turned into "I'm gonna go down to the basement and write some code." I feel better about myself, having that sense of accomplishment, beating a tough puzzle of code into submission.

I'm secretly hoping the writers' strike doesn't end.

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