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Comment on "Mike Lee on Cocoa"
by libre — Jan 21
I'm a newcomer to the whole Mac environment, especially huge frameworks like Cocoa. I found this website a few weeks ago and have read as much as I can to catch up on some historical aspects of Mac programming, especially from a supposed guru.

That said, it's really interesting to see that your site isn't a bunch of dead paper, but rather a live context (much like the internet should be), especially in very interactive entries like this one! Being the first blog I've ever read, this site is going to remain on my bookmarks bar for quite a while!

Also, I want to mention that it is extremely useful for many people who "lurk" (so to speak) to get valuable information on proper methods and ways to write programs, when conflicts such as this arise. Not only is it more peaceful thank sitting in #macdev with mikeash, but it's obvious there has been a huge effort put into being clear and concise about certain topics, otherwise this whole blog wouldn't exist (and the follow-ups would not have continued for so long). This is highly appreciated, at least to me, but probably also to a lot of people who don't respond in here.
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