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Comment on "Third Edition of Cocoa Programming"
by Scott Stevenson — Feb 17
@The boy Ken: For instance I don't believe (but could be wrong!) there are any other physical books that cover bindings at all, so although the 2nd ed is getting technologically old, it's still newer than the competition.

I think you're talking about two separate things. For the first point, at least four books on Cocoa/Xcode were published after this one, so I don't think the newness is necessarily a factor. For the second point it may, in fact, be one of the only books that covers bindings, but I think that only supports the comment about the quality of the book.

The sentence you quoted wasn't really something I saw as the basis for the post -- just something I threw in as a side thought.

I'm also looking forward to the Pragmatic Programmers' Core Animation book. I hope it's not all glitz though (and I've no evidence to suspect it would be...) - I'm hoping it's a book on useful GUI techniques / principles.

It's a book on animation techniques in Cocoa applications and the Core Animation framework, not general user interface topics. That doesn't mean it's "glitz" though. :) It's just a very API-focused book.

@Drew: I got mid-way through the second edition but then upgraded to 10.5 and Xcode 3 and found myself having trouble with the differences between the newer tools and the book

The page for the the second edition was just updated in the last day or so, and it has information on using the book with Leopard. I don't know how much of it is new material, though.
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