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Comment on "Third Edition of Cocoa Programming"
by Aaron Hillegass — Feb 21

When I do a new edition, I go through all the existing chapters and add a little bit to each one. For example, in this edition, I show how to draw the fuzzy keyboard focus ring using NSSetFocusRingStyle(). Is it nifty? Yes. Is it worth buying the whole book and reading it again. Probably not.

Overall, if the new chapters aren't compelling enough to warrant the purchase, the little additions in the existing chapters are not going make the difference.

In general, I try to make the code cleaner and the explanations more clear in each edition. I also try to get rid of deprecated API. For example, did you know that printShowingPrintPanel: is deprecated in 10.5?

We will see about PDF versions of the advanced cocoa book. Whether PDF or paper, it is a long, long way away from being done.
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