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Comment on "Core Animation Sample Code: NanoLife"
by Scott Stevenson — Feb 22
@Jason: If I click to attract the lifeforms to the cursor, let go, don't move the mouse and click again, they instantly jump to the mouse cursor without animating there

I noticed that too. Not sure offhand why it does that -- probably something simple. It was designed to not animate during -mouseDragged (as the comments in the code note), but it should always animate for normal -mouseDown.

@Moitah: Please, please... Make a screensaver out of it!

I thought about that, yeah. :)

@Chris Ryland: Nit-pick: these days, shouldn't the _cmd in NSLog() (-glowingSphereImageWithScaleFactor:) be wrapped in a sel_getName(_cmd)?

Sounds reasonable to me, although that _cmd stuff is just generated by TextMate's Objective-C bundle when I use the "log" tab trigger. I didn't write it out by hand.

@Bob Peterson: The pre-built app reliable freezes my Dual G5

Freezes the whole machine or just the app? If it freezes the machine, you should file a bug.
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