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Comment on "Welcome to the 64-Bit Era"
by Hang Tuah — Mar 05
"Anybody who wanders into an Apple Store in the mall can accidentally walk out with a bondafide unix workstation."

Allow me to introduce myself. I am the proverbial Herr Anybody who has bought a 64 Dual Core iMac and now I learn from you that I inafvertantly have a UNIX workstation. So I ask a dumb question; "So what ? What do I need to know about the wonders of having a UNIX workstation? Until now the only people I knew who used them were Airport Flight Cpntrollers. P_m a bot confused. I used to be a Windows XP person, so what can I now do that I could not do before? "

Hung Tuah
PS: I am also a software developer.
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