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Comment on "iPhone SDK"
by Mitch Cohen — Mar 09
An excellent summary of an overall wonderful set of announcements..

One question I have regarding the forced App Store requirement is how to handle limited (closed) beta testing. Will there be a way to distribute an app but only allow a small subset of users to view/download the app? I have a similar curiosity for iPhone apps which are complementary to a desktop app, that might be sold as a bundle. We might not learn more until release. Hopefully they'll consider these issues.

I'm also a bit confused why Apple isn't including the iPhone developer program within the Select developer program. I can see the $99 program for iPhone-only developers; a great low-cost means of entry. But why why not make that inclusive in the Mac developer program, or really, an overall Apple developer program? I'm not being cheap here, I'll spend the $99. I'm thinking that having a combined program would draw more developers to the Mac.
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