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Comment on "iPhone SDK"
by Florent Pillet — Mar 10
The iPhone SDK is very well done (can't say more because of the NDA) though as Pierce mentioned it, Sync Manager is sorely missing to complete the big picture. I filed my Radar entry on this.

Two things about the $99 developer program: as Mitch put it, the iPhone Dev Center needs either a full-blown developer program in itself with DTS incidents, or a combined program with the standard Mac developer program. Also, as a non-US based developer, I'm not too happy about the US-only initial limitation for the developer program. I'm looking at combining my 10+ years experience developing mobile software with my even longer experience writing Mac software, but I have to wait for my US competitors to test and release their stuff first?

This said, and knowing very well the tools available to develop for other platforms, congrats to the teams working on this SDK for a fantastic toolset and particularly well done documentation! I find the new docset impressive.
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