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Comment on "Getting Answers on Cocoa Mailing Lists"
by mmalc — Nov 22
As Scott notes in his article, novices are welcome, so long as they adhere to a reasonable set of guidelines.

As far as I am aware, no-one feels an entitlement to be abrasive or rude in repsonse to a question -- what is rude is the apparent sense of entitlement some have to getting an answer to a lazily-asked question. Many seem to forget that there is no duty for anyone to reply, and that asking a question that is easily answered by a minute's search through the documentation makes the list less useful for those who are prepared to invest time and effort. Moreover (particularly on a high-traffic list such as cocoa-dev), it is evident that a poor signal-to-noise ratio tends to drive away the experienced members who are most able to answer a question (or to determine what question should have been asked).

If you actually had to pay, for example $50, for each question you ask, I suspect that the quality of questions would increase dramatically...

For a full discussion of the issues, see How To Ask Questions The Smart Way.
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