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Comment on "iPhone SDK"
by Wayne — Mar 10
I'm really quite unhappy with Apple's attitude to non American developers lately.

First we were penalised for not being able or willing to fly to SF for WWDC last year in the form of late access to the significantly updated Leopard Beta that was distributed there, and now we have to suffer this.

Effectively, Apple are giving an artificial head start to any and all competitors I have in North America.

It's bad enough that I will never be able to develop a relationship with my users and that my software will be advertised and sold alongside that of my competitors, but it's far worse that they then get a head start on me.

After SF, I didn't renew my ADC subscription. I'm kinda glad I didn't or I'd have to be shelling out extra for this. At least I've saved myself $400 this year even after getting a signing key if / when they consider us non americans to be worthy.
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