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Comment on "iPhone SDK"
by Scott Stevenson — Mar 10
@victor: Does anyone know if Cocoa Touch is required or can be used to fully use the Multi Touch capabilities of the new MacBooks?

For that to work, Cocoa Touch would have to be distributed with new releases of Leopard. I don't think anything about that has been announced. You also probably wouldn't want all of Cocoa Touch, because that would include all sorts of widgets that have no relevance in a desktop environment.

@Chris Gervais: Couldn't you have succintly summed up most of that stuff by saying "QuickTime" or is Apple no longer saying "QuickTime?"

To answer without getting into NDA stuff, let's talk about Mac OS X in general. QuickTime was a catch-all media API for Classic Mac OS, but this isn't the case as much now. QTKit and QTCaptureKit are the designated video playback and capture frameworks, CoreAudio and OpenAL are the new audio APIs, CoreVideo does real-time effects, and there are quite a few imaging frameworks.
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